Welcome to Dog Linux

DebianDog is very small Debian Live CD shaped to look and act like Puppy Linux. Debian structure and Debian behaviour are untouched and Debian documentation is 100% valid for DebianDog. You have access to all debian repositories using apt-get or synaptic.

All “DebianDog” projects (and deratives) are collected here, part of DebianDog Organization on Github

Our thanks to Daniel Baumann! DebianDog wouldn’t exist without his work.

The DebianDog team also like to give thanks to Smokey and KazzaMozz for hosting DebianDog project, to Debian team for keeping Debian such flexible system, to the murga-linux Puppy forum for the opportunity to work on a project different from puppy linux.
And to our Puppy forum members working on DebianDog development: Toni (saintless), Fred (fredx181), Terry (sunburnt), William (mcewanw), Sergey (sklimkin), and for the valuable advices to: jbv, sfs, catsezmoo, big_bass, emil, dancytron, anikin, rcrsn51 from our forum and dzz from www.debianuserforums.org. And to Sickgut for his original idea that made possible DebianDog to exist.
Also big thanks ! to the Porteus developers, specially: brokenman and phantom.