DebianDog Jessie 64-bit

DebianDog Jessie 64 bit version

Thread on Puppy Linux forum

For the most documentation see DebianDog Jessie for Info


Other differences compared to 32 bit DebianDog:

Login details:

root with password root
puppy with password puppy

Built from an absolute minimal Debian-Jessie amd64 full install.
Kernel: 3.16.0-4-amd64
Choice of Boot Methods: porteus-boot and live-boot v3 (see for options in documentation from DebianDog - Jessie thread)
Default WM - OpenBox.
(with different choice of Desktop modes: tint2 vertical icons, wbar icons or rox-pinboard icons, to choose, run ‘Desktop Manager’ from Menu)
Tint2 bottom panel.
Default File Manager - pcmanfm with option to use rox.
Default Internet Browser - Palemoon.
Menu provided by Obmenu-generator (perl script)


Iso: DebianDog64-Jessie-openbox-2016-03-20.iso Size: 185MB
Md5sum: DebianDog64-Jessie-openbox-2016-03-20.md5

DEVX: 061-DEVX-DebDog64-Jessie-2016-03-20.squashfs

Thanks very much to everyone who has been involved with DebianDog, specially Toni (saintless), William (mcewanw), Terry (sunburnt) and all who helped by giving feedback on the DebianDog threads.

wbar icons wbar icons
rox-pinboard icons
rox-pinboard icons