TrinityDog Jessie & Stretch versions 32-bit

TrinityDog is a fork of “DebianDog” (info and credits Here) with a basic Trinity Desktop Environment

See Here for Bugs and Fixes Information

Forum Thread

A Jessie test version was earlier shared already Here

Full access to Debian repositories by using apt-get (from terminal) or from Synaptic Package Manager (GUI)

Login details:

root with password root
puppy with password puppy

Jessie kernel version: 3.16.0-4-686-pae
Stretch kernel version: 4.9.0-3-686-pae
Choice of Boot Methods: porteus-boot and live-boot , see options Here (except live-boot-2 which is not supported)
File Managers - Thunar and Konqueror. (Thunar is recommended because of more support for right-click custom actions)
Internet Browser - QtWeb (and Konqueror).
(included the light (although outdated) browser QtWeb to keep the size of the ISO smaller, and most people will install a browser of choice anyway, e.g. Firefox)) (thanks to OscarTalks for QtWeb pet)
NetworkManager for Stretch version is Ceni, Jessie version has Frisbee.

Download TrinityDog-Jessie: (based on Debian 8, LTS, supported at least until 2020)
Iso: TrinityDog-Jessie-2017-07-18.iso Size: 262MB
Md5sum: TrinityDog-Jessie-2017-07-18.md5

DEVX: 61-DEVX-Jessie-2017-07-18.squashfs
Firmware squashfs: 51-firmware-jessie-2017-07-18.squashfs
Locales squashfs: 99-locales-jessie-2017-07-18.squashfs

Download TrinityDog-Stretch: (based on Debian 9, LTS, supported at least until 2022)
Iso: TrinityDog-Stretch-2017-07-18.iso Size: 286MB
Md5sum: TrinityDog-Stretch-2017-07-18.md5

DEVX: 61-DEVX-Stretch-2017-07-18.squashfs
Firmware squashfs: 51-firmware-stretch-2017-07-18.squashfs
Locales squashfs: 099-locales-stretch.squashfs

Custom Jessie package repository: Here
Custom Stretch package repository: Here

Thanks very much to everyone who has been involved with DebianDog or XenialDog, specially Toni (saintless), William (mcewanw), Terry (sunburnt), dancytron, backi, belham2, The Flying Cat and all who helped by giving feedback on the DebianDog threads.