StretchDog 32 and 64-bit

Thread on Puppy Linux forum

StretchDog is a variant of DebianDog Info and credits based on Debian 9 “Stretch”

Built from scratch by using debootstrap, see also Here and Here

Packages overview from custom repository

Login details:

root with password root
puppy with password puppy

Kernel: 4.9.0-3
Choice of Boot Methods: porteus-boot and live-boot v3 (see for options Here)
Default WM - OpenBox with on top xfce4-panel and xfdesktop.
Option to switch to JWM window-manager
Menu on Openbox_Xfce is (a modified) Whisker-Menu
Default File Manager - Thunar with option to use rox.
Default Internet Browser - Firefox.


Iso 32 bit: StretchDog32-openbox_xfce-jwm-2017-10-10.iso Size: 242MB
Md5sum: StretchDog32-openbox_xfce-jwm-2017-10-10.md5

Iso 64 bit: StretchDog64-openbox_xfce-jwm-2017-10-10.iso Size: 256MB
Md5sum: StretchDog64-openbox_xfce-jwm-2017-10-10.md5

Mirrors (thanks to ally !):

DEVX and Firmware squashfs modules: Here

Locales: 099-locales-stretch.squashfs
(Locale can be set from Menu > System > Set Locale/Language)

Thanks very much to everyone who has been involved with DebianDog, specially Toni (saintless), William (mcewanw), Terry (sunburnt), dancytron, belham2, rcrsn51, wiak, jd7654, backi, AndresC2, peebee and all who helped by giving feedback on the DebianDog threads.

Openbox with xfce4