Updated 2020-09-07 64-bit version is now with UEFI support

BusterDog, based on the Debian ‘Buster’ branch but without systemd.
It’s using special method (taken from AntiX) to avoid systemd by replacing systemd with ‘elogind’.
(and more, e.g. libsystemd replaced by libelogind)
Forum thread
See Here for a Busterdog build system.

32 and 64 bit ISO’s, download: Here

(see specifications below)

DEVX and Firmware squashfs modules: Here

Built from scratch by using debootstrap and remastered afterwards.

Custom repository: 32-bit 64-bit

Login details:

root with password root
puppy with password puppy

Kernel: 4.19.0-9 (the kernel is separate module) for 64-bit-UEFI, kernel 4.19.0-10
Choice of Boot Methods: porteus-boot and live-boot v3 (see for options Here)
(EDIT: See post Here for how to boot with older kernel 3.16 if possibly your hardware is too old for booting v4.19)
Default WM - OpenBox, with Desktop choices (run ‘Desktop Manager’ to choose):

Option to switch to JWM window-manager
Default File Manager - PcmanFM with option to use rox.
Default Internet Browser - Palemoon.


Openbox with tint2 panels:
Openbox with PcmanFM and lxpanel: