XenialDog 64-bit

XenialDog (Ubuntu 16.04 ‘Xenial Xerus’ LTS 64-bit)

(Ubuntu minimal “live”)
version 2017-01-18

XenialDog is a fork of “DebianDog” which is a community project once started by forum member saintless.
See also for Debiandog history: Here
DebianDog full credits: Here

Update 2017-01-22:
ISO upgraded to version 2017-01-22, below information and download links updated

Thread on Puppy Linux forum

See here for Changes and Fixes information

Very similar to DebianDog, but with the difference that it’s Ubuntu based

Full access to Ubuntu repositories by using apt-get (from terminal) or from Synaptic Package Manager (GUI)

Openbox is the main window-manager, the GUI setup is very much like DebianDog Jessie 64-bit

Differences compared to DebianDog:

Login details:

root with password root
puppy with password puppy

Built from an absolute minimal Ubuntu full install (using mini.iso).
Kernel: 4.4.0-59-generic
Choice of Boot Methods: porteus-boot and casper-boot , see options Here
Default WM - OpenBox (and option for Jwm, see below)
(with different choice of Desktop modes: tint2 icon-panel, cairo-dock or rox-pinboard icons, to choose, run ‘Desktop Manager’ from Menu)
Tint2 bottom panel or cairo-dock. (replaced wbar (from previous (32-bit) version) with a minimal cairo-dock
Default File Manager - pcmanfm with option to use rox.
Default Internet Browser - Firefox.
Menu provided by Obmenu-generator (perl script)

Added: Quick-Remaster and Upgrade-kernel tools

Option to switch to JWM (Menu > System > Start Jwm)

Full LZ4 squashfs support (compression and loading modules)

Systemd is enabled by default

The Iso size became quite big mainly because:

Iso: XenialDog_64bit-openbox_jwm-2017-01-22-firmware-all.iso Size: 310MB
Md5sum: XenialDog_64bit-openbox_jwm-2017-01-22-firmware-all.md5

DEVX: 061-DEVX-XenialDog64-2017-01-18.squashfs
Locales: 99-locales-XenialDog64-2017-01-18.squashfs

XenialDog64 custom package repository: Here

Thanks very much to everyone who has been involved with DebianDog or XenialDog, specially Toni (saintless), William (mcewanw), Terry (sunburnt), The Flying Cat and all who helped by giving feedback on the DebianDog threads.


OpenBox with cairo-dock