Debian ‘bullseye live’ build system

Updated 2021-09-26 see Changes and Fixes
Very similar as the ‘mklive-stretch’ or ‘mklive-buster' build system see e.g. Here and Forum thread Buster , but this will build from ‘Bullseye’ branch and has many changes and improvements. Bullseye build script

Rather than just one script it’s now also packed as appimage, reason is that this way it works ‘out of the box’ on most OS’s including modern puppies. The appimage has included e.g. yad, debootstrap, dpkg, xorriso (for creating ISO), so nothing extra should be required to install. Tested on Dpup-Stretch, FossaPup64, DebianDog, Fatdog (but on the latter I needed to install ‘perl’ first from gslapt).

Note that this doesn’t build a Puppy such as when using Woof-CE, but a puppy-like ‘Dog’ system (see more: Dog Linux website)

Download mklive-bullseye appimage: (or see single script below)
For 32-bit: mklive-bullseye32
For 64-bit: mklive-bullseye64

Make executable, e.g:
chmod +x mklive-bullseye32
Running without arguments it will show usage help, to run with GUI, e.g.:
./mklive-bullseye32 -gui
It requires root permissions to run, so when logged in as unprivileged user, use sudo, e.g.
sudo ./mklive-bullseye32 -gui

Here’s also a single script that should work OOTB on DebianDog, BusterDog, StretchDog:
Attachment and more info here: Bullseye build script (requirements/dependencies will be downloaded), to use it on Puppy you need to have yad, debootstrap, dpkg, xorriso installed first.

Run the build on a Linux filesystem (ext2 ext3 ext4) not on FAT or NTFS , with at least 3GB free space

Simple demo .gif image using GUI option (clicking on link below will probably show it in browser):

(it’s from earlier released build script, mklive-devuan, but you get the picture :)
Demo .gif image